Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Meant to be....

Isn't she lovely?  This picture is the quintessential CANDY BAR FROM GOD!  After a wonderful morning of hitting yard sales, I was parking my car when I caught sight of this beautiful painting out of the corner of my eye.  It was propped on a wall and I didn't know if it was for sale or not, but I was completely captivated!

I walked over, just to get a closer look and a man came out of the garage.  I told him what a fabulous painting this is and he remarked that he loves it, but his fiance hates it.  Well, when the fiance hates something, that something has a shelf life!  And my girl's shelf life was UP in that household!  In my mind, I just KNEW he was going to be asking for at least $100 for the painting, and so I asked trying to give the impression that I was just curious.  I almost dropped my teeth when he said, "Well, I was asking $25, but I'll let her go for $20."

Excuse me!  Did I hear that right?  I swear, I couldn't get to the bank fast enough!!  He held it for me and I brought back a $20 bill and the girl was mine!

That's a great enough story right there.  I mean, this amazing picture for $20????  Thank you Jesus!!  But when I got it upstairs and started looking at the tag attached, I saw that it was from a company called Uttermost.   I snooped around the site trying to see if this painting was on it and if I could see how much it sells for.  I found the painting and my heart skipped a beat when I saw the title:  Serenity.     Are you kidding me??  Meant. To. Be.  Nothing coincidental about this....just my Father being so sweet to me!