Wednesday, April 1, 2015

If Love Were Our Religion

With all the interpersonal turmoil going on today, I have to ask myself, "How do we navigate all this???"  So much ugliness on every side under the guise of a higher cause.  But isn't LOVE the highest cause of all?  LOVE is the one thing that I truly believe EVERYONE understands regardless of whatever religious or social doctrine they hold.  So what would the world look like if love were our religion?  Here's how I imagine a couple of current events conversations going if love governed us all.

Same sex couple:  Hi Mr. Baker!  We love your cakes and you do beautiful work!  We'd be thrilled for you to provide the cake for our upcoming weddding, but we know how you feel about same sex marriage.  While we don't agree with you, we love you and don't want to put you in a position where you would feel you are compromising your values.  That's not how we would want to be treated, so we aren't going to do that to you.  We hope you understand.

Baker:  Well Hello!!  Congratulations!  You're right.....I don't believe in same sex marriage.  However, I love you guys!  And because I love you, I'm going to set aside my personal feelings and make a fabulous cake for you two!    I mean, I wouldn't want anyone to deny service to me because they disagreed with my life choices or personal beliefs.  So what kind of cake can I make for you??

Or how about this?

Woman in bathroom:  Oh!  Pardon me!  I thought you were a woman, but looks like you may be in the middle of some gender reassignment going on.  I'm not really comfortable sharing a bathroom with a man.  BUT, I do understand that that's not how you see yourself AND you're not posing any threat to me, so please stay and do your thing and I'll just get dressed over here in this stall.  I love you and want you to feel comfortable.

Transgender in bathroom:  (Possibly picking up towel after being startled by "Woman in bathroom")  I didn't see you come in!  Pardon me!  I know that anatomically I'm still a man, but everything in my being tells me I'm a woman and that's why I'm going through this surgery.  I know you're uncomfortable, and even though I believe I have a right to use the ladies room, I'm going to grab my things and step out.  I love you and want you to be comfortable!

Woman in bathroom:  You're so kind!  Let's compromise!  Let's share the bathroom and just both avert our eyes!!  (Both literally laughing out loud)

Alright, I know this may fall under the heading of "Living in LaLa Land", but in my sweet dreams, this is just a little bit of Heaven!