Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dreams. Proof of Creation? (Not that we need proof!)

After a fitful night of dreams, I woke up exhausted!  Seems crazy that I can sleep deeply enough to dream, but wake up so tired from said dreams.  But this morning, after I hit the alarm clock twice and was trying to recall those nocturnal mental movies; I had a bit of a revelation.  How can evolution be true if we dream?    

Now let me just say, I'm really NOT interested in having an evolution versus creationism argument.  The way I see it, even if evolution was true (and it may be to a certain extent), it would still only be possible with a Creator creating the substance from which we evolve.  Since I'm not much invested in the debate, it's not something I spend a lot of thought on.  However, it's actually the FIRST thing I thought about this morning.

I'm going extract this from my brain and put it into words and hope it loses nothing in the translation!  If we originated from a lone cell, an explosion, a cosmic accident or any similar scenarios, that may explain how we biologically function; but it doesn't explain our dreams.  Dreams aren't scientific.  Okay, I'm sure there's scientific research, but dreams are so relative.  They're vary from person to person.  And they're  put together through our subconscious.  I'm not even talking about what dreams mean; I'll leave that to Freud, but rather that our subconscious stays awake and puts together mental moving pictures from the memories and data stored in our brains.  The very fact that our brains can do this to begin with speaks to a higher intelligence than a cosmic accident.

I had a dream a several nights ago that I remember rather vividly.  I won't go into detail, but so many of the images and even a song in the dream were completely new to me.  I realize on some level that there's no way those images could be new, because I can only dream from what's in my head, right?  But it fascinates me that my brain can take electrical impulses and cell centers and work seemingly independently of me.  How can cells thrown together and grown over millions of years EVER produce that kind of functionality or creativity?

To my mind, it's just logical (didn't mean to bring Spock into this!) that we're created in the image of God.  And is it any surprise that our Creator is creative?  As He spoke the world into existence and created us, isn't this where the ability to dream even comes from.  Don Miller, spoke of certain mysteries that we accept as part of Christian Spirituality.  Dreaming and how we were amazingly crafted are parts of that mystery.

If we were simply impulsive and biologically need driven creatures, then what I've been told about evolution would make more sense to me.  But the fact that we are human beings who DREAM, a function that's BEYOND natural biological command; that's creation that came from our Creator.  And that's how I ended my night and started my day.

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