Friday, December 2, 2011

Make me smile

This little statue of twin boys was given to me by my mom right after I had Roman and AG.  Always makes me think of becoming a mom for the first time.

A really small ceramic wall hanging that belonged to my mom.  Makes me think of cherubs and love!

This is over 25 years old and an original piece of artwork by a New Mexican artist that my mother and I knew in Albuquerque.  There's such strength in the profile and I love the colors of the desert in it.

A cairn made from rocks Bennie and I found out hiking at different trails.  Cairns are made by travelers to leave small monument to leave their mark.  I've got this on the bar which leads from the kitchen to the dining room.  This cairn brings hiking with my sweet best friend, my wonderful husband, to mind.

I love faces!  I would have my walls covered in different portraits or paintings of faces if I could.   This is one of my favorite things to put up when I move......let's me know I'm home!

My twin sons are such gifted artists!  Here's a painting that they did over a year ago.  Roman took a print out of this frame and replaced it with this painting of his right before we moved to Raleigh.  I fell in love with it and now it's the first thing you'll see when you come in the front door of our home.

Just a few of the "candy bars" I have around my home that just make me happy to look at!  

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